Our handcrafted glaze recipes, developed over 30 years, create different colors, finishes, and tactile qualities. In all we offer 12 different colors, and four different designs. All of them have been privately collected around the world for years. These colors have added new dimensions to traditional pottery. Our forms represent ancient Japanese works that are time tested and functional, combined with our color chemistry, they bring them new life.

The brushwork creates peaceful gestures of floral impressionism. Each one unique and full of movement; the floral design is our most popular. These colors are often interchanged in full sets of dinnerware and make any table elegant.

The durability of Cooper Mays porcelain is in our mission. "We aim to provide our customers with an exceptional and functional everyday pottery that can be used in microwaves, dishwashers, and ovens (with proper instructions) and is chip-resistant. We have met all FDA requirements for food safety and are certified lead-free."

A dancing fire sprite. The kiln from afar. It's Alive!

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